We know everyone is different and we run independent living sessions that are person centered and individual as our users are. Some of the different aspects we cover are:

  • Basic skills: improve your maths and English
  • Drop-in sessions : for chat, games, coffee and a cheap lunch… meet up with your friends
  • Walking: map reading, getting fit, get close to nature.
  • Relationships: learn about different relationships, dating, sexuality and being together.
  • Creative writing: writing poetry, stories and using words in different ways.
  • Computers: using your computer, using the internet, emailing, saving documents.
  • Independent Living: budgeting, cooking, health & safety, hygiene, keeping safe, decorating.
  • Diet & fitness: for people concerned about their weight, for people who want to learn about exercise, learn about why we need food, where it comes from, how to eat for exercise, how to eat healthy, etc
  • Hair & Beauty  and Looking good: Taking care of yourself, personal hygiene, skin care, hair care and fashion. Suitable for men and women.

Please call or email us for the latest times / prices

Example session plans... 

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