• We are always looking for cast members for our latest productions so if you fancy being an actor / actress let us know!
  • We would also like to hear from anyone who would like a role behind the scenes: operating the curtains, musical manager, sound effects, painting sets or even designing them!

Get creative and let out another side to yourself in our fun drama sessions. We regularly put on plays / shows for your family and friends. We also run drama games and fun activities to break the ice for new comers and to help make friends for life. We have a large room with a stage and are always looking for new people to join in whether it's to join in our games or to have a part in our latest production!

Dance is great for your health and makes you feel happy. We rehearse and choreograph our own dances and we have fun playing dance games.

Dance:Lots of different styles, get fit and enjoy being with each other.

Drama: Put together a play, perform in front of others, gain confidence and have fun.

Friday afternoons 1pm - 3pm. Price £15